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About Us

The Choptank Tolomato Legacy Project’s mission is to teach cultural literacy through the arts, working with children, especially underserved populations and children with learning differences, through hands-on art experiences.


Having worked for 15 years at a school that was founded to address and mitigate these learning differences, our executive director, Jimmy Reynolds, began  the Choptank Tolomato Legacy Project to address these issues in the community at large through public arts-based activities. He is bringing an effective teaching style out of the classroom and to the community.

Recycled Paper


We find the best way to mitigate learning differences is to find that spark of interest we each possess. Over the years we have found that positive outcomes grow out of visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile learning experiences.  


We believe that there are many ways to learn.  We know that hands-on learning and risk-taking is an effective way to gain confidence in one’s own abilities.  We know that self-confidence leads to success, and we firmly believe that use makes master.

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